Updated Process

Are you hosting Thanksgiving this year? A family reunion? It seems like the end of the year is so far away, but if you want to have your basement finish project complete and allow yourself time to decorate, the time to call is NOW. We offer custom basements, which take time to plan and complete for both you and CCBR. We have customers scheduled to start projects months in advanced so our schedule for the end of the year completion deadline is starting to fill up. Don’t wait, call today for a FREE budget and design.

Renovating your basement is challenging, but also very exciting! We are offering video conferencing and virtual home tours to create your custom budget and design if that is what feels safe to you. We can easily walk you through the information we need over the phone, FaceTime, Zoom, or whatever method works best for you.  We have designed a very simple process that only requires pictures (about 8-10) and measurements of the overall exterior or the space.  We will need to verify all measurements and design prior to starting projects, but based off what information you supply us, what we present will be very close to accurate.