Updated Process

Renovating your basement is challenging but also very exciting! Although we have made the short list of essential businesses and services, we don’t want to put our valued client’s health at risk. That being said, we are offering video conferencing and virtual home tours. Here at Colorado Custom Basement’s we take every step possible to not only honor safe social distancing but also construct the basement of your dreams.

We have designed a very simple process that only requires pictures (about 8-10) and measurements of the overall exteriors.  We can gather the information we need to put a plan together. Of course when all this calms down we will still have to field verify, but based off what information you supply us, what we present will be very close to accurate. We can easily walk you through the information we need over the phone, FaceTime, or whatever method works best for you. 




Virtual Appointments now available (Covid 19 accommodation)


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