Estimate and Design

At Colorado Custom Basements and Remodeling, we don’t feel it’s fair to charge you for an exceptional design. That is why we over free estimates and designs. Kyle Strouse is not only one of the two founding partners he is one of the absolute best designers in the business.  Kyle and Jeff have nearly 45 years collectively in the residential construction industry and then you bring in our other 3 guys.  Together we have well over 100 years of residential construction experience working for you.  There is very little we have not seen or afraid to take on.  Do your self a favor and let us go to work for you in putting together the space of your dreams.  From large to small every space we do is truly custom and incredibly personal to everyone involved.  Get in touch with us and you won’t be disappointed.  We will make your dreams a reality.




Virtual Appointments now available (Covid 19 accommodation)


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