Basement Cost Calculator

Fill out the below form for a rough calculation of the estimated cost of your basement budget.  Please know this is a rough estimate based off what you want for finishes etc.  It’s not possible to include everything we could possibly ask on this sheet.  You will see when I come out or virtually meet you that we will go through a wish list of everything you would possibly want.  I would much rather start with an all-in as opposed to other companies who want to start with a low bid and change order nonstop to get you to get up to what it really costs.  I would prefer you tell me no, rather than say yes to a price you dictate that I know in my heart we can’t do. We will go through all of that on our initial meeting but it’s up to you on how extravagant you would like your place to be.  Again, everything is custom per project so please just let us know what you want.  With that said it’s not possible to give you a price per square foot price until we have an in-depth conversation.  We have no idea what you want until we talk.  This calculator is a guideline, depending on the direction you give me in our initial meeting it could vary +/- based off exactly what you tell me you want.