Jeff Caesar and Kyle Strouse have owned Colorado Custom Basements and Remodeling, LLC for over 3 years.  It has been an amazing start to a brilliant future due to the support from the community and our loyal customers.  We have been associated for over 10 years and decided working together was the right thing to do for our friends, customers and families.  Referrals are a very large portion of our business, so we encourage you to get in touch with us to find out why we are referred so often.  Our customers are not only customers, they are our friends in the beginning but especially by the end of the project.

Kyle and Jeff started this with the intent of providing incredible and ethical services to their clients.  Please know we do act and oversee your project as the general contract and in the spirit of getting permits on everything requires us to use sub-contractors to complete the work.  The reason for this is all our sub’s need to be licensed and registered with all the same 26 municipalities we are.  For them to do that they have to be a Master Electrician, Master Plumber, Master HVAC etc.  Our trades have been partnered with us for an average of 12 years.   They know what level of quality we expect and perform to our standards.  Rest assured, we work only with professionals.

We are also unique in that we set up sub accounts and fund your project off your money.  Our average down payment, depending on your scope of work, is between 11-13% and then we hit 6 other completion points prior to asking you for money.  We want to make sure you feel comfortable that work has been done prior to you paying.  You can ask more when we meet in person or via a virtual meeting.

At the end of the day we respect you and your family time and really want to be accommodating while being efficient at the same time.  Just call us and you will see when we talk that our passion is to make sure your family is happy.  We have many elated folks you can talk to.  At the end of the day we are just normal guys who care about people, pull permits and do your project right in the spirit of making your family safe and amazingly comfortable.  We absolutely stand behind everything we do.  Once you meet us in person or virtually, you will see the true give a care emotion.  Thanks for your time, Jeff Caesar – Owner

Meet The Team

Jeff Caesar- Owner

Jeff is the first person you speak with and the first person you meet at Colorado Custom Basements, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. He grew up in Arvada and graduated from CSU with a Bachelor of Science in Sports Medicine.  The goal coming out of school was to be an Orthopedic surgeon and then life took a turn and presented the opportunity to start a family.  All of Jeff’s proudest moments revolve around being a husband and a dad.  His wife and kids are the center of his life and he enjoys their respectful attitudes and is proud of their successes and excited for their futures.  After 23 years in this industry, Jeff could not be more pleased with the path life took him on, how many stunning projects he has been a part of and how many folks he has made happy along the way.  Jeff’s a real person, taking care of a family the same as you are.

Kyle Strouse- Owner

Kyle is the behind-the-scenes guy at Colorado Custom Basements, he doesn’t like to be in the spotlight. Kyle works endless hours behind his computer and on his phone to ensure each homeowner receives beautiful, custom designs and spot-on budgets. Kyle spent a lot of time in the field since he started his construction career over twenty years ago.  Kyle understands the process of a basement finish like no one else because he’s done all the work, top to bottom, more times than he cares to admit.  Kyle is a Colorado native and enjoys doing anything outdoors in his spare time.  He volunteers to coach his kid’s sports teams and loves to get involved with anything that interests his kids. Kyle recently took up residence in the mountains of Colorado and has now expanded his knowledge in the areas that he never thought imaginable. 

Matt Caesar-Project Manager

As a Project Manager, Matt has the opportunity to help and aid homeowners in accomplishing dreams of finished spaces. Matt’s best skills are his ability to communicate and solver problems, two fantastic attributes of a Project Manager. He will use his resources to get answer quickly and effectively to keep projects progressing. Matt also enjoys podcasts and learning new things.  Matt went to Black Hills State University in SD, majoring in Business Administration with and emphasis in Management and also earned a certificate in Human Resources. He played football as well as playing in the RMAC which is one of the best conferences in Division 2 football. Matt says this “helped shape who he is today and gave him valuable life skills and lessons on hard work. 

Alan Dunn-Project Manager

Rob Trego-Construction Supervisor

Rob started his career in the construction industry when he was only 16. He worked after school for a local builder until he graduated and joined the US Navy. After leaving the Navy, Rob moved his family to Colorado for better employment opportunities in construction and has been in the industry ever since. Rob has expanded his construction knowledge from framing and siding to construction management and custom home building. He has knowledge in all phases of construction from excavation through finishes, including structural work. Rob likes the foundation that CCBR has built for basements and remodeling. He thinks everyone here is great and super easy to work with. He also believes we have a strong understanding of what homeowners are really looking for.

When Rob is not working, he is enjoying time with his family. He and his wonderful wife of over 20 years (27 years together) have 6 daughters and one son, and 11 grandchildren! They keep them very busy. Growing up in California instilled a love for water. They enjoy lake camping, jet skiing and tubing behind the boat. The more time at the lake for Rob and his wife, the happier they are!

Alan Dunn- Project Manager

Bill Baskall- Trim Carpenter

After 30 years in the industry, Bill is the best of the best when it comes to finish carpentry. Bill was destined for a career in construction, as he’s always had a love for building things. Bill’s favorite part about working for Colorado Custom Basements is the positive atmosphere. Bill is a Colorado native, loves spends time helping others and riding motocross. Bill and his wife have been married for 25 years and have three beautiful children. 

Dan Landolt- Trim Carpenter

Dan has been in the construction business for 40 years, working in both new home building and insurance restoration. His favorite part of working in construction is creating new spaces for customers to enjoy and getting a big thumbs up when the project is complete. When Dan isn’t working, he is doing craft woodworking, fishing, listening to old country music while smoking meat and making homemade pizza! Dan is a new grandfather and having grandkids has given him such a bright outlook on life.

Jill Strouse- Office Manager

Jill works in our office wearing many different hats to make sure the requirements are met for permitting, inspections and anything to do with cities and counties. Jill has been around construction for all of her adult life, learning from her husband all the hard work that goes into making a project perfect. And also helping will all of those projects, from remodeling previous houses, to even helping with all the labor of her own custom home. Jill understands the important of communication and time management and helps reinforce that in our daily work. Jill is busy with her adventurous kids, those with fur and feathers as well as the two she shares with her husband.