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A message from the owners

Why the name Colorado Custom Basements? Custom is because every project is unique, it doesn’t have to mean over the top expensive. There is not a one size fits all approach to finishing basements, every project is truly customized to suit your family’s specific needs. Don’t think of completing your basement project as just “finishing a basement”, it’s creating an entire new level of your home. 

In addition, we pull permits on everything we do to make sure you are fully protected.    This is extremely important as times are changing, and regulations are greatly tightening up.  We are Licensed and insured in 26 municipalities so not to worry, we have you covered.  Also, did you know if you don’t pull a permit and then have an unfortunate problem at your house such as a fire, your homeowners’ policy is rendered void.  We will not be the cause of that. 

See how our approach is different, we take the time to listen to you, ask pertinent questions, offer our expertise and then put together a free and creative design along with an extremely detailed budget so you fully understand what you are getting for your money.  Please click on the above links to see what truly sets us apart and then call or email to set up a time to either meet in person or set up a virtual walk through meeting. 

Too many companies are out to just “make a sale” this is not us, we are in the relationship business and want to build you something you are very proud to show off to any and everyone you can think of, as well as, enjoy with your family for many years to come.  Give us a call you will see what truly sets us apart.  We started this company for a real reason and that is to be able to build dreams and more so take care of our customers. 


Virtual appointments available for Covid-19 accommodations.  Click Here